Funded research, RFP 1101

QB3 at UCSC offers funding for facilities and seed grants for research.

Facility awards

A Mass Spectroscopy Core Facility at UC Santa Cruz, Ted Holman (funded spring 2011)

Genome Sequencing Center, Nader Pourmand  (funded spring 2011)

The UCSC-QB3 High-Throughput Robotic Crystallization System and X-ray Crystallography Facility, Harry Noller (funded spring 2011)

Developing UCSC's Fabrication Core Facilities, Holger Schmidt (funded spring 2011)

RCP1 Hydrogen Analayzer for "BEST" Multicampus Research and Training Program, Bob Ludwig (funded spring 2011)

Seed Grants

Discovery and Characterization of Virulence Blockers that Target the Bacterial Type III Secretion System, Victoria Auerbuch Stone (funded spring 2011)—addresses the resistance of human bacterial pathogens to a growing number of antibiotics by exploring virulence blockers, which hinder harmful bacteria but not beneficial commensal bacteria that live in humans.

Development of NO-releasing antibacterial patches and powders, Pradip Mascharak (funded spring 2011)

Development of a Chromatin-Based Biological Guide-Star for Adaptive Optics Microscopy, Bill Sullivan (funded spring 2011)

High Content Screening Approaches to Biofilm Inhibitor Discovery in Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Roger Linington and Fitnat Yildiz (funded spring 2011)—aims to identify novel small molecules from the UCSC marine natural product library that have the potential to inhibit the formation of biofilms, which are an important component of the life cycle of cholera and P. aeruginosa. This research offers the potential of identifying agents that prevent disease by avenues other than simply killing the bacterium.